“We have worked with Shecole for more than 20 years as she has designed several projects in our home. We could never have accomplished these projects without Sheila's help, insight and skill. Not only is Sheila a gifted designer with an amazing sense of color and space, but she has an innate ability to hone in on the taste and style of her client. Thus, the finished product is a reflection of her client.
      Sheila is also diligent about the quality of product and services that she acquires. She expects the same high quality of service with the contractors, vendors, artists and other service people who work with her.
      We have referred Shecole to several of our friends and relatives knowing that she would do an outstanding job for them. Subsequently, our referrals have become very happy clients of Shecole. There are not enough superlatives to describe our experience with Shecole.”

Jean and Rob…Edina, MN

“Sheila is the rare designer who can intuit a client’s dreams and translate them into a beautiful yet functional space. She was a vital member of the design team for our new house -- her skills complemented and balanced those of our architect. Not only did she help us choose furnishings, but she suggested floor plan changes that enhanced both the function and visual appeal of our closet, front hall and master bathroom. She was extremely mindful of cost – recommending the recovering of some of our old furniture and also helped us make the home grandchild friendly. Our new home is a total reflection of how we want to live and Sheila helped make it so. Thank you Sheila!”

Barbara and Jon… Edina, MN

“Sheila and I have worked on four houses together in the past 20 years. She has wonderful ideas and is very original and creative. She is an attentive listener picking up on what suits me and does not try to fit me into any preconceived ideas. She is also extremely organized and follows up on every detail – nothing slips through the cracks. I can and do highly recommend Shecole.”

Judi, Minnetonka… MN

“Sheila designed a major remodeling of our condominium. With her keen eye she helped us choose colorful fabrics, paints and added architectural features to our dining room; coordinating pillars with a mantel on the fireplace. She then followed through on all the detail work to assure quality workmanship. It was miraculously accomplished on time and on budget.”

Carol and Dick… Minneapolis, MN

"Sheila’s professionalism is outstanding. She stays on top of every little detail of a project and handles any unexpected issues for you seamlessly. She fights for what is fair from contractors and vendors. She is your best friend and advocate through your entire project. We highly recommend the use of her services!"

Liba and Tom….Minnetonka, MN

“We hired Sheila to oversee our kitchen and living room renovation. We made clear our inexperience in such matters and she helped guide us through the process. The project came in on budget and the results were breathtaking. Guests to our house without fail praise the makeover, asking who our interior designer was for the project.
      During the project itself, Sheila explained to us all the possibilities, showed us what worked best together and fit into our budget. She kept track of all the details, making sure the contractors finished their work on time and at the highest quality. We will hire her again to redo our bathrooms and downstairs in the coming year.”

Dave and Jagoda… Mounds View, MN

"Sheila Cole has been helping me with design projects for more than 20 years. During that time she has helped me with almost every aspect of design for six homes! I wouldn’t think of taking on a house project without Sheila’s expertise and best of all she is willing to travel with you wherever your homes may be."

Elaine… Minneapolis, MN & Tucson, AZ

"This is the first time we worked with an interior designer. We were reluctant to seek help but our house didn’t feel warm and welcoming and we didn’t know how to accomplish that. Sheila showed us how to use color and placement of items on our walls to help accomplish that objective. We would never have chosen such bold colors without her and we both love them. That, alone, is enough to convince us to seek help with colors if we have another home to decorate.
      In addition, we were evaluating the options of when and if we should downsize and move or stay in our home. Sheila helped us make the decision by showing us changes we could make to our current home within our budget so that when and if we decide to move we will get the most from our investment. We now enjoy the rewards of our remodeled home until we are ready to make a change! Sheila's knowledge and experience are invaluable for whatever issue you have with your home."

Jane and George……Edina, MN

"Sheila has the ability to work with clients at any stage of a project. She can work with clients at all levels. She can quickly assess where you are with a project and can suggest options and design solutions that are compatible with your lifestyle."

Julie…Minneapolis, MN

"One of the greatest things about working with Sheila is that she really knows what you need even when you think you know what you want. We hired Sheila to help with our new home that needed updating. She helped us decide what needed to be done and then prioritized the project. What we didn't know was that she needed to help us sell the home we were currently living in while we remodeled our new home. Sheila helped us rearrange several rooms and, as a result, the house sold the next week."

Rosemay and Joe...Boulder, CO