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Sheila Cole is an award-winning full service residential interior designer who collaborates with clients to confidently create change in their homes. Success stems from her energetic passion for design, meticulous exploration of clients' ideas and dreams, and creation of an environment exclusively planned to exceed their expectations.

Owner of Shecole, Sheila has been featured in various industry magazines and publications. During her more than 30 years as a designer, Sheila has held several leadership positions in the International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA).

From color selection to complete tear-down and rebuild, Sheila communicates extensively with architects, builders, sub-contractors and artists to ensure exceptional quality and service through completion of a project. She is aware of the environmental impact that change creates and incorporates sustainable green design whenever possible. Hourly consultation enables the smallest job to qualify for her professional advice.


Interior Design Expertise

  • Project Management—comprehensively manages renovations or new design projects from concept to completion; professionally coordinates schedules, people, products, and budget; your advocate in working with contractors and vendors.
  • Space Planning - Blueprint Analysis—balances function and aesthetics for every lifestyle by finding usable space; makes the most of what you have and recommends additions or reconfigurations when necessary; measures the space and provides a scale footprint.
  • Custom Furnishing and Interior Finishes—blends textures, fabrics, wood, metal, marble, granite or quartz.
  • Furniture—experienced with many design solutions; using or refurbishing existing furniture, sourcing new furniture or custom designing the perfect piece.
  • Color—instills confidence in color use, incorporates your favorite colors; uses colors to define rooms
  • Window Treatments—specialist in custom window treatments from simple to complex
  • Walls, Floors, Ceilings—ensures all surfaces are in harmony; from selection through installation, including custom carpet design and custom painting for any surface.
  • Lighting—creates the right balance of function and ambiance to light the space.
  • Accessories—attention to all the home jewelry details, from door knobs to artwork vases and more; understands the room is not complete until the right accessories are in place.

Design/Project Management Process

  1. Interview—meet to learn goals, dreams, concerns, explore ideas and establish budget.
  2. Project Development:
  • Design Concept – measure and draw to scale a footprint of space as well as prepare sketches to identify a design solution for the project [design fee due]
  • Present plan – review ideas and sketches to gather your feedback and more detailed information regarding your project, address concerns, feasibility and budget.
  • Selection – choose design finishes and materials for the project
  • Contractor/subs bid process – explore contractors appropriate for the project, coordinate meetings to acquire quality bids including permits, review project, compile spreadsheet with budgets and schedules [design fee due]
  1. Review & Decide—comprehensive review and decisions for contractor[s], products materials, proposed schedules and budgets for project; finalize details [collect deposits and sign contracts for contractors; design fee due]
  2. Design Documentation—communicate with contractor[s], schedule time-frame; written and drawn documentation of the design solution, specifications, technical drawings for project [design/project management fee due.]
  3. Execution & Supervision—visit construction sites to guide and assist the contractors, order products, oversee fabrication of custom items, arrange and supervise delivery and installations. [design/project management fee due.]
  4. Completion—final inspection and walk through of project [design/project management fee due.]

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